Vicki Martin Mackay

​Vicki Martin, Registered Dietitian and Registered Naturopath has over 25 years’ experience in assisting those with nutritional and health problems. We spend an hour (or more if required) discussing your health history and daily nutritional intake. Then we will look at strategies that can assist you towards your health and wellbeing goal, this will include a personalised eating plan, how to include exercise in your busy day, and looking at behavioural issues you may have with eating so that you can move forward to a different outlook on food and health.

Nutritional supplements may be included where required and we can also look at tests to tell us more about your health status. I can link in with your medical doctor if you require.
What can I help you with? As mentioned before – any challenging health circumstance you find yourself struggling with, especially weight management, post or pre surgery assistance, women’s health conditions, digestive health, conditions related to ageing, vision conditions, and fatigue problems.